July 07

Anger and Racial Injustice

A systematically unjust world will produce perpetually angry people. Anger flows from a lack of control, power and value. When we are powerless, devalued and controlled by societal injustices, anger is the appropriate response. In fact, it would be wrong to tell systematically sinned against people to relinquish their anger. Anger is a natural, logical […]

July 02

A Beautiful Song Changes Everything: Thank You Jessie Mueller!

I believe music was created so I’d be able to find my heart no matter how cruel and cold the world becomes. A few weeks ago, while watching the musical Hamilton rightfully steamroll the Tony awards, I happened upon a non-Hamilton related song, voice and performance that was nothing short of a revelation. I’m going […]

June 13

The Problem with Transparent Pastors

Early on in my pastoral ministry, I went to a regular pastors’ gathering where we prayed for each other. After a couple of meetings, I realized the pastors didn’t really share any serious problems. It kind of annoyed me. One week, I shared that my wife and I needed prayer because we had been fighting […]

June 10

A Review of The 5th Avenue Theatre’s Lerner & Loewe’s Paint Your Wagon

I must admit I was rather giddy to see the opening night of Jon Marans’ new book adaptation of Lerner and Loewe’s Paint Your Wagon at the 5th Avenue Theatre last night. Reading the production notes about Marans’ collaborative working process with director David Armstrong, music supervisor Ian Eisendrath and choreographer Josh Rhodes only added […]

April 13

Everyone on the Internet is Real-how to develop a philosophy of social media (part 2)

This is the second part of a conversation Tim Fall and I are having about social media. We asked each other some important questions about social media and responded without looking at each other’s answers. We found that we have a bit in common. Anyway, You can read the first post at Tim’s blog by […]

April 11

Headline: Someone Has A Healthy Philosophy of Social Media

Just a quick heads up today. My friend, Tim Fall, who blogs at Just One Train Wreck After Another and I decided to team up to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of social media. So we got together for a two part mini-series (think The Thorn Birds) that talks about our […]

February 29

A Review of The Dusty Ones: Why Wandering Deepens Your Faith

A.J. Swoboda’s latest book, The Dusty Ones, has a title evocative of a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western. However, the actual content of The Dusty Ones deals with a different kind of grit, namely the interrelationship between wandering and spiritual maturity. For anyone caught somewhere between Egypt and the Promised Land it is a worthy read. […]