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January 24

Social Media Goldilocks and the Richard Sherman Rant

My take on the Richard Sherman Rant is to write a children’s book. Enjoy a little fun from my “Live from Seattle with Doug Bursch” radio show.

December 09

A Review of the New California Adventure and the Old Overcrowded Disneyland

I recently found myself alone with a free day in Southern California. Since I host a daily radio talk show, Disney has, on occasion, provided me free tickets to review the pleasures of all things Disney. Although I’ve visited Disney on many occasions, I had not yet seen California Adventure since the completion of its […]

A Talk Show Host Tired of Partisanship: A Call to Reconciliation

I host a daily radio talk show entitled Live from Seattle with Doug Bursch on 820 AM KGNW. Yesterday, in the first hour of our show, I spoke on Christians and partisan politics. Listen if you want to hear a somewhat different perspective than what is often heard on the religious and political airwaves. Click […]

My Ministry Calling (Part 2): Seminary Revival

This is the second post in a series: Click here for My Ministry Calling (Part 1) My experience at AGTS (1995 to 1998) can best be described as God-ordained. It was not easy for Jennifer and me to leave our extended family and travel to what felt like a very remote destination. However, the decision […]

Aaron Sorkin: Winner of The Fairly Spiritual Award

I’ve created The Fairly Spiritual Award to honor individuals who create content that has a soul. It is my pleasure to announce that the first recipient of this gotta-be-prestigious-to-someone award is screenwriter, producer and playwright Aaron Sorkin. Although such an honor is worthy of an in-depth essay, I will satisfy digital age attention spans with […]

Let Your Light (By Cliff and Jacqueline Bursch)

(A great post from my parents Cliff and Jacqueline) Let Your Light Shine Mark 4:21-23 He said to them, “Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put it on its stand? For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed […]

Daily Proverbs (Possible Tweets 11-22)

Daily Proverbs (Possible Tweets 11-22) 11. The integrity of our communication is often rooted not in what we say, but in why and how we say it. 12. Individuality is a mirage. We understand our humanness in relationship to other humans. When we love more, we become more human. 13. Wayward eyebrows are the reward […]