Monthly Archives: February 2014

February 14

Noah Gundersen’s Album Ledges is Amazing!

My older brother Jeff gave me Noah Gundersen’s album Ledges as a birthday present. Before I received this gift, I knew nothing about Gundersen’s work. However, when Jeff called to see if I had downloaded the album yet, I began to suspect that I was about to hear something really good. Jeff and I don’t […]

February 14

You Might be a Pharisee…

You Might be a Pharisee… If you often communicate to prove you are right and they are wrong, you might be a Pharisee. Our Christian communication must be rooted in a sincere desire to reconcile people who have lost their way. The goal of our communication should be to lead people out of the darkness […]

February 13

The Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Mattel’s Shameful Decision

Mattel has made the terrible choice to prostitute their Barbie brand by partnering Barbie with this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. As a talk show host, this is one of the worst American culture stories I’ve covered in my four years on the air. Please listen to my commentary, share it with others and do […]

February 12

Valentine Dilemma!!

On today’s radio show I warned all my listeners about the impending reality of the Valentine dilemma!

February 08

On Donald Miller, Protestant Popes and Reform

(I wrote the following post for PARSE at Christianity Today) Recently, Christian author, blogger and conference speaker Donald Miller posted a pair of troubling blogs on why he rarely attends church. Miller expressed that he doesn’t find intimacy with God through singing or preaching of a traditional worship service. Consequently, he has abandoned the notion […]

February 06

The Analytics of Doug Bursch’s Lifelong Social Media Presence (My Future Funeral)

We are here to live tweet and celebrate the life of Doug Bursch. Although his birth certificate handle was Douglas Steven Bursch, his close family and friends knew him simply as @fairlyspiritual or @fairlyspiritual was loved by his many Facebook friends and cherished by his many Live from Seattle with Doug Bursch Facebook fanpage […]

February 04

Donald Miller’s Troubling View of the Church

Recently, Donald Miller wrote a very troubling post on why he rarely attends church as a way of finding intimacy with God. For me personally, this post was a real blow to the gut. In response, I spoke about his post on my radio show. The following are my thoughts on what’s wrong with such […]