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October 30

Sometimes Rebellion is the Fruit of God Leadership! (A Must Read for Pastors)

It’s easy for pastors to fall into an irrational logic concerning their worth and role as a minister of the gospel. I’ve often joked with fellow ministers about the seemingly thankless role of the senior pastor. If the church grows, God gets all the credit. If the church fails, it’s your fault! Revival is attributed […]

A Talk Show Host Tired of Partisanship: A Call to Reconciliation

I host a daily radio talk show entitled Live from Seattle with Doug Bursch on 820 AM KGNW. Yesterday, in the first hour of our show, I spoke on Christians and partisan politics. Listen if you want to hear a somewhat different perspective than what is often heard on the religious and political airwaves. Click […]

My Ministry Calling (Part 2): Seminary Revival

This is the second post in a series: Click here for My Ministry Calling (Part 1) My experience at AGTS (1995 to 1998) can best be described as God-ordained. It was not easy for Jennifer and me to leave our extended family and travel to what felt like a very remote destination. However, the decision […]

A Review of the Roundabout Theatre Company’s Production of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes at the 5th Avenue Theatre

There is one main reason to see the Roundabout Theatre Company’s touring production of Anything Goes at the 5th Avenue Theatre. That reason is Rachel York. If you don’t get a kick out of Rachel York’s voice, then you most likely don’t enjoy singing. The moment York began singing, I realized I would be in […]

The Presence of God: A Theology of Abiding

What do Christians believe? Well that depends on enumerable variations on a theme. The source material is supposed to be biblical, but that is up for much debate. Within our popular culture discussions, Christianity has become like the word balance. Everyone says they are trying to live a balanced life, but no one really knows […]

My Ministry Calling (Part 1)

I first received my call to ministry as a sixth grade boy, late at night, standing in the middle of a soggy football field listening to Christian rock legend Mylon LeFevre. I was in the middle of attending a four day music festival that had been accompanied by torrential downpours and just about every popular […]