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December 25

The Fruitcake Chronicles (A Re-Gifted Christmas Story)

(The Following is a re-post of The Fruitcake Chronicles. I first published this six installment short story in the Auburn Reporter Newspaper. Like a good fruitcake, I regift it every year. Merry Christmas!) The Fruitcake Chronicles: An Old Fashioned Christmas (Part 1 of 6) “Sir, I’m not going to ask you again. Put the fruitcake […]

The Emergence of Church Experts (and the suppression of violence)

The Emergence of Church Experts (and the suppression of violence) by Doug Bursch If you say one more bad thing about the church I love… I’m gonna punch you in the nose. And then I’m gonna say I’m sorry. But I swear if you say one more bad thing… I might do it again. Yeah, […]

The Evil God Allows

The Evil God Allows by Doug Bursch Abel’s offering was acceptable to God, it pleased God. Cain’s offering was not acceptable, it did not please God. Abel gave God his best, Cain gave something less. God told Cain to do that which is acceptable, “Do good, for evil is crouching in the corner, ready to […]

Christian Radio Host Response to Connecticut School Shooting

On my radio show today we tried to bring comfort and understanding in response to a senseless tragedy. Click the link to listen. Peace to each of you, Doug Bursch Click Link to Hear Live From Seattle with Doug Bursch