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The Kingdom of God and the Politics of Christianity

I was raised by godly Christian parents who taught me from an early age to differentiate between Christianity and culture. They told me it was dangerous, even immoral, to mix the Gospel with political partisanship or patriotic nationalism. They warned me against confusing Christianity with capitalism or even democracy. That taught me that human systems […]


Crumbling by Doug Bursch I am comforted by the crumbling. That this new development, with new marriages and new Starbucks, It will crumble…gradually to me, quickly to God, it will cease to be new. I am comforted by the fading. That this new thing will eventually become old, old and tired, old and spent. It […]

I will be amazed

I will be amazed by Doug Bursch I tried to make a science out of my God, but He refused to get in my petri dish. I tried to tame and encapsulate my God, but He refused to be caged or leashed. I tried to use and consume my God, but He refused to be […]

A Brief History of Puns: Be Warned!

The first recorded pun was not recorded. Which pleased everyone involved including future historians. Sadly, like many destructive forces, military specialists began to study and utilize puns to gain strategic advantage over their adversaries. The most notable instance of pun militarization can be seen in the tactics of Alexander the Grape whose raison d’être was […]

Romney’s Stellar Economic Plan and Moderator Bias

Romney’s Stellar Economic Plan and Moderator Bias Economists have reduced Mitt Romney’s 5 point economic proposal to two salient points. Mitt Romney is not President Obama. By not being President Obama, Mitt Romney will improve the economy. So far this two point plan has won over a large percentage of the electorate.  It seems Romney […]

My Son Nathan’s View of the Debates

Wicked Still Worth Seeing: For a Couple More Centuries

Wicked Still Worth Seeing: For a Couple More Centuries The touring production of the Broadway smash musical Wicked is wicked awesome; primarily because of leads Patti Murin as Galinda (Glinda the Good) and Dee Roscioli as Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West). Murin and Roscioli are the anchors to this well crafted musical adaptation […]