Monthly Archives: September 2012

Week in Review: J.K. Rowling, China Wind Power and Element 113

The week in review. -Replacement refs replaced. -Japanese scientists create unstable Element 113. They quickly name the unstable element Sheila for obvious reasons. -Republicans come up with several new reasons for Obama’s widening lead in battleground states. Most probable explanation revolves around overt reality bias among voters. -Major television networks announce their plans to cancel […]

Always for Mother

Always for Mother by Doug Bursch She would direct the blade through each apple slice, Towards her calloused thumb. I admired her peace with the blade. My earliest memory of Mom is contrast; Me sitting on the counter, ready to sift the flour, gazing at apple, blade, and calloused thumb. When I was young, I […]

A Community I Can Touch

A Community I Can Touch By Doug Bursch This portal to community, smooth to the touch. Touch, touch, touch; one finger to navigate, investigate, communicate and explore. Two fingers to zoom in and out, to center your eyes with your interests. Seeking interest as you endlessly filter; through updates, posts and tweets. Updates, posts, and […]

Things to remember before you try to change the world

Things to remember before you try to change the world. God is not a Republican. He’s not a Democrat, a Libertarian or a member of the Green Party. God is neither far right nor far left. He is definitely not a moderate. God’s not even an American. God will not show you His papers. God […]

Daily Proverbs (or possible tweets)

1. Better to build one beautiful thing than to critique a thousand abominations. 2. The best way to free someone from darkness is not to speak against the dark, but to draw them towards the light. 3. We spend far too much energy trying to remove the obstacles in front of us and not enough […]

Things to do while waiting in line for your new iPhone 5

Things to do while waiting in line for your new iPhone 5: 1. Perpetually gaze at the Mac store door, smiling with the exuberant joy of a child about to receive a magical pony. 2. Contemplate your meaningless existence and/or tweet. 3. Keep telling the person in front of you that this is your first […]

iPhone 5 Upgrade Less than Astounding

Apple unveiled the new iPhone today with few surprising revelations, although the name iPhone 5 is somewhat shocking. I thought they’d choose something a little more accurate like the “iPhone Resistance is Futile Edition” or “iPhone 5 Hundred Dollars Please.” One thing is certain, the iPhone 5 is somewhat worse than the iPhone 6. There […]