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The Pitmen Painters: A Review of the ACT Theatre’s Production

The Pitman Painters by Lee Hall is inspired by William Feaver’s book concerning the Ashington group. In 1934, a small group of working class men gathered at the Ashington, England YMCA hall to be taught art appreciation by Robert Lyon from Durham University. The class was sponsored by the union run Worker’s Education Association (WEA) […]

Making room for God’s Altar, Temple, Righteousness, and Grace

Last night I was reading in 1 Chronicles 21 about one of the most dramatic events in King David and Israel’s history. It’s the story of David’s rebellion, God’s wrath, and the establishment of the Temple. I’ve often alluded to this story when preaching. There are many elements that capture my imagination. There is King […]

5 Reasons You Read Enumerated Blogs

1. You can’t help it. 2. I mean you literally can’t not read them. 3. Even when you realize it is a bad list, you still read hoping it will get better. 4. Once you are half way in, you have to finish. 5. Click here to read 5 more reasons.

Someone Broken

Someone Broken By Doug Bursch Who broke you? Who crushed your worth and made you the man I see today? It’s always great with you, always victorious, always going well and better than before. You’ve given every one in this room advice. Yet none can be taken, nothing can be learned by you. Who harmed […]

Distance Thoughts

Distance Thoughts by Doug Bursch You said come away, but I had one more thing. One more thing to say, one more thing to do, one more thing keeping me from you. You said come my way, but I had things to see. Things to explore, things to be, one more thing keeping you from […]

The Failing Rhetoric of Bitter America

“We must remember our history so we can find new reasons to justify the same mistakes.” I hope this is that election. The moment when it finally crumbles. . .the moment when all this righteous rhetoric is seen for what it is. . .political pandering and meaningless shell game shuffling. The tired narrative has been […]