Monthly Archives: July 2011

Ways to Save Your LIfe

1. Stop following your own lead. Follow God instead. We were made to worship and serve God. When we serve and worship the created instead of the creator, we find emptiness and hopelessness become the fruit of our lives. We certainly can be fruitful without following God’s lead. He has made us so wonderfully fruitful […]

Cars 2: The Most Commercially Crass Movie of the Decade

So far, Cars 2 is leading the pack as the most commercially crass movie of the decade. Although up to this point I’ve been a big fan of the Pixar/Disney John Lassester magic, I just can’t swallow the Cars sequel. Simply put, Cars 2 appears to be more about stock holders than stock cars. It’s […]

A Declaration of Freedom!

On July 2nd, 1776 the Second Continental Congress adopted the Lee Resolution declaring the Thirteen Colonies to be independent of the British Empire.  Two days later, an explanation and justification of the Lee Resolution was indelibly sealed and signed into parchment as the United States Declaration of Independence.  This foundational document concludes with the following […]