Monthly Archives: June 2011

When We Were Young We Used to Play Together.

When I was a child, slip-n-slides were fastened to lawns with large boulders. Consequently, the definition of summer fun was sliding headfirst between 10 pound rocks, at breakneck speeds, on a moistened strip of plastic runway. Currently, this activity is more commonly categorized as child endangerment. The use of boulders built a natural time limit […]

Investing in Servants, not Systems (Foursquare Convention 2011, Final Thoughts)

The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel was birthed through the obedience of Sister Aimee Semple McPherson. Sister Aimee had a rich, complex life and calling. Trying to describe her calling and the impact of her life is a daunting task. This is primarily because Sister Aimee’s ministry was rooted in Spirit-led obedience that frequently […]

Foursquare 2011, Tuesday. . . Repenting of Bitterness

Today Pastor A.J. Swoboda spoke about being willing to embrace dead things, with the faith to believe God will bring about a resurrection. He called us to embrace spiritually dead people, spiritually dead cities, spiritually dead situations. He called us to make room for resurrected life. During our business meeting I was once again encouraged […]