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I Do Not Have the Spiritual Gift of Attending Foursquare Business Meetings.

Enduring prolonged business meeting is not within my spiritual gift set. I understand that prolonged business meetings are necessary for the survival of most organizations, however, I am less certain that my presence at such meetings is beneficial to my survival. Each year I convince myself that the Foursquare business meeting will be something I […]

Why I Love the Foursquare Denomination

Foursquare Convention 2011, Monday Night May 30th Great opening night at Foursquare Convention. I went to my first Doctrine Committee meeting and enjoyed getting acquainted with fellow committee members. As I listened to Pastor Steve Schell and other committee members discuss the complex theological issues facing our world and our movement, I felt a joy […]

Columbus, Ohio is Misleading Tourists! (Foursquare Convention Blog)

Columbus, Ohio really needs to rethink their tourism campaign. Jen and I just had a wonderful day being pleasantly surprised by just about everything. We took a country drive, just outside city limits, and stumbled upon several idyllic small towns with gorgeous green vistas. As it is Memorial Day, we got an extra helping of […]

Foursquare Convention 2011 (Day One)

We flew out of SeaTac Airport Sunday morning to attend the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG) convention in Columbus Ohio. Priceline picked Dallas as our transfer airport, which was a real fortunate routing considering those who went the way of Chicago were waylaid by severe weather. We got into our hotel without a […]

God works with us, just like he did with Moses. . . Really!

A study of Exodus 3:10-22 and the way God works with and through Moses. Exodus 3:10 “Come, I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring my people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.” Moses is confronted by the voice of God, on Mount Horeb (Sinai). For the past forty years, Moses has […]

Thou Shall Be Funny. . . Within Limits!

I occasionally enlist satirical or ironic wit to drive home my more salient points. Humor has a way of penetrating defenses and bypassing even the most formidable interior walls. Also, humor is really funny! Even the most astute and solemn theologian must come to grips with the origins of funny. Either all jokes rose from […]

I Will Not Bow Down!

“Dream big. . . Fail big!” That’s my motto. Actually, I don’t have a motto but if I were ever to consider a motto, that would be on my short list. My desktop dictionary defines motto as “a short sentence or phrase that encapsulates ideals guiding a family, individual, or institution.” In practice, mottos usually […]